How do I apply for a 2018 reception place at Poplar Farm School?

Via the local authority (LA).

95% of parents will apply online. Here is the link:


We advise that you use all three of your options as the school may prove to be popular.

Applications close on 15th January 2018. 

How do I apply after admissions have closed?

Please contact the Local Authority School Admissions Team:

Tel: 01522 782030

Fax: 01522 516708

Email: schooladmissions@lincolnshire.gov.uk

How will the LA admission team choose who gets in?

There are legal over subscription criteria stated in the Schools Admission Code 2014. There are priorities i.e. looked after children and siblings, though for the first intake (2018) it will come down to distance from the school.

To read our Admissions Policy please visit our policies page or click here.

Will my child be the oldest in the school?

The first intake in September 2018 will be for 60 reception class pupils. The school will be growing incrementally, so that it will be at full capacity beginning September 2026.
This will come with advantages for your child. They will be involved in shaping the future of the school. The focus will be solely on them. They will be taught by generally higher qualified teachers, because these teachers will also be involved in the running of the school. From a pastoral point of view, because we are only welcoming reception pupils, the transition will be easier for your child.
However, we are attentive of the importance of interaction with older children and with this in mind, Poplar Farm pupils will be given opportunities to collaborate with other primary schools, both within the Trust and in the local area (for performances and sports days etc.) 

Will there be an opportunity for my child to meet their teacher and visit the school before starting?

We plan to run some settling in days during the Summer holidays so children can come in and meet their teacher. 
It is hoped that you will be able to stay for an hour or so to meet the team, ask questions and learn about what your child will be experiencing.
In May 2018 we will hold parent information evenings which will help you understand how the school will support your child and what to expect from the team of people who will be responsible for your child.

What sport facilities will be available?

The school will be a brand new, state of the art, two story structure and will come complete with playing fields, multi use sport courts, and outdoor learning areas, which will promote outstanding all round provision.

Where will the pedestrian access be?

There are designed to be 4 pedestrian routes from around the housing development to the school. 

When will school be staffed?

There is currently Jenny Wheeldon – Principal Designate, in place, with the support of the C.I.T. Poplar Farm School Project Team.

Starting in the spring, roles will start to be filled to aid the smooth opening of the school. Suffice to say that upon opening there will be teachers, cooks, site manager, teaching assistants and office staff. Staff numbers will increase with pupil numbers and then according to the growth of the school. 

How often will children go off site?

The children will go off site to visit other schools and the C.I.T. Forest School. Probably not weekly but there will be sports days, performances at other schools, and visits from other schools, swimming, Christmas shows and a harvest festival.

Are you working with Nursery’s?

Yes, we have engaged with local nurseries and child minders throughout this process and invited them to meetings and to consult. As part of our bid to open the school we expressed our wish to provide our own wrap around care from 7.30am – 5.30-6pm, as is viable. We also hope to establish links with local nurseries and child minders to work together to enable a smooth transition to school and have some visits once the school build is complete.

What will the uniform be like?

The uniform will be the same as the pictures shown in the prospectus and on the website.

Uniform: Blue Poplar Farm sweatshirt, white Poplar Farm polo shirt and black trousers/skirt/shorts.

During the summer months girls can wear blue checked dresses.

PE: Blue Poplar Farm t-shirt, black sport shorts and plimsolls.

Shoes: To avoid injury children should always wear sensible shoes that cover their feet. As such, any heels, sandals or any other strapped footwear should not be worn to school.

What will the class size be?

30 with break out areas for small group work. 

What time will school open?

Times not yet fixed. We are looking at the times that other local schools start in order to help parents who have children at different schools to have a staggered drop off. 

Will the school have disabled access?

Yes it is a very modern design with access for all in mind, including access for push chairs for younger siblings. C.I.T. also has special schools with in its Trust so is passionate about making education accessible to all. 

Will you be cooking school dinners on site?

Yes. We will have a state of the art onsite kitchen that will provide nutritious, healthy, hot school meals for all pupils.

The price will be subject to revision from time to time.  Free meals are available children whose parents receive Family Income Support.  Please enquire if you think you may qualify.  Children may bring a healthy packed lunch if they wish.