Tendering Procedure

Poplar Farm School will attempt to achieve the best value for money from all purchases. This means getting what is needed in the correct quality, quantity and time at the best price possible. 

A large proportion of purchases will be paid for with public funds and there is a need to maintain the integrity of these funds by following the general principles of: 

  • Probity, it must be demonstrable that there is no corruption or private gain involved in the contractual relationships of the academy;
  • Accountability, the academy is publicly accountable for its expenditure and the conduct of its affairs;
  • Fairness, that all those dealt with by the academy are dealt with on a fair and equitable basis.

C.I.T. will work closely with Poplar Farm School to support the development of cross-Trust buying power. 

Applications to Tender 

If you wish your company to be considered for tendering, please email your company details to enquiries@poplarfarmsch.co.uk

Tendering Procedures 

The evaluation process for tendering will involve at least two people. Those involved should disclose all interests, business and otherwise, that might impact upon their objectivity. If there is a potential conflict of interest, then that person must withdraw from the tendering process. 

Those involved in making a decision must take care not to accept gifts or hospitality from potential suppliers that could compromise or be seen to compromise their independence. 

Full records should be kept of all criteria used for evaluation of all contracts.  For contracts over £25,000 (Academy level) and £50,000 (Trust level) a summary should be prepared for the Local Governing Body (Academy level) and Finance and Financial Audit Committee reporting to Trust Board (Trust level) highlighting the relevant issues and recommending a decision. It is normal practice within the Trust/Academy that contracts that will have a significant material impact regardless of whether they are over the appropriate thresholds are discussed at Trust Board/Finance and Financial Audit Committee and approval is gained before work is undertaken (e.g., irregular work, sets a precedent, key staffing, etc.). 

Where required by the conditions attached to a specific grant from the DfE, the department’s approval must be obtained before the acceptance of a tender. 

The accepted tender should be the one that is economically most advantageous to the Academy. All parties should then be informed of the decision.

Full tendering procedure details can be found within the C.I.T. Finance Policy: