Key information:

  • You must ensure that if anyone in your household has COVID-19 symptoms, your child does NOT attend school and a test is organised. You must phone the school on the first morning of absence.
  • Any child or staff member who develops symptoms in the school day will be sent home immediately.
  • If anyone in your household, or your child, tests positive for COVID-19 you MUST inform the school.
  • School will only close a bubble (year group) following a positive test result for COVID-19. However, this will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and in some situations a bubble may need to close whilst awaiting results.
  • Parents of closed bubbles will be notified by ParentHub and Class Dojo. Notifications will not go to the whole school.
  • If we do have to close any bubbles, we will be ensuring the children continue to receive a full, balanced curriculum by putting in place a distance learning plan on Class Dojo that the children will be expected to take part in. 
  • Attendance at school is compulsory. The government relaxed the rules on attendance during lockdown. However, now our expectations for full, punctual attendance in school has resumed.
  • Your child will be expected to follow strict behaviour rules relating to physical contact with other pupils and keeping their hands clean.
  • Pupils will be expected to wash their hands regularly and use hand sanitiser, available in school.
  • Pupils will be expected to wear full school uniform. We encourage this to be changed regularly to ensure it is clean.
  • On days when the children have PE, they can wear their PE kit to school for the full day to avoid changing clothes in school: EYFS, Wednesday; Y1, Tuesday & Friday; Y2, Monday & Thursday.
  • Children only need to bring a water bottle, their stationery set and a coat to school.
  • Children will be provided with a hot lunch during lunchtime.
  • Pupils are not to wear face coverings in school. The government advice is quite clear that this is not necessary. If face coverings are used on public transport to get to school, they must be removed and safely disposed of or stored before entry to school.
  • The government have advised walking or cycling to school wherever possible to reduce the use of public transport.

Beginning and end of day arrangements

  • Only one adult per child is permitted to come to school to drop their child off. There should be no gatherings on the school site. Any younger siblings must not leave their adult.
  • Avoid parking cars on the school site to avoid congestion. Please park on surrounding streets and walk to school.
  • Parents will not be permitted through the gates to the meeting place. Y1 & Y2 children will walk in by themselves to the KS2 playground.
  • Y1 & Y2 children will be greeted by their class teacher on either the KS1 (Y2) or the KS2 (Y1) playground, EYFS staff will meet the children at their designated gate and take them to their classroom.
  • If you have children in two year groups, please use the allocated gate and time for the youngest child.
  • At the end of the day, please wait at your designated gate, the teachers will bring the children to you.
  • It is more important than ever that you are on time.

Additional information

  • All meetings and visitors will have to be pre-booked with the School Office. Parents and staff will need to wear masks in all arranged meetings.
  • Messages can be sent to teachers using Class Dojo, or longer discussions can take place over the telephone. Likewise, teachers may arrange a telephone consultation with parents should the need arise.
  • Please ensure your Class Dojo and ParentHub apps are working.
Anxiety-Based School Refusal
The guidance in the documents below is designed to support early intervention through the stepped approach to anxiety-based school refusal (ABSR). The advice is based on the evidence about what helps children and young people overcome ABSR.