Rocket Fund Launch!

28th February 2019

Following the Department for Education’s call for a digital revolution in classrooms last summer, Poplar Farm have joined Rocket fund, a free crowdfunding platform for schools.

The funds raised in this particular bid will be used to purchase sensory pebbles for the school. Sensory pebbles have a variety of uses, though they are most commonly used to develop an understanding of cause and effect which helps to build the basics for computing and coding. The soft texture and lights help children to relax which is excellent for helping children refocus following a period of intense physical activity.  The simplicity of the sensory pebbles combined with a child’s imagination means they can also be used in literacy and numeracy.

The target we are aiming for is £1,800 by the end of March and you can find more details about the project and where to pledge here:

The first 40 schools to pledge £250 will receive an additional £250 from Rocket Fund!

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