The Nativity is nearly here!

30th November 2018
We are less than a fortnight away from the Poplar Farm Nativity performance!
The children have been working hard to hone their acting talents and the fantastic singing voices have been filling the school building.
This Nativity performance will be extra special as it will be the first ever one for Poplar Farm! To create a legacy, Mrs Wheeldon and Mrs McGinley decided against buying the outfits and instead asked parents, grandparents and friends if they would like to create the costumes for the pupils. This would leave a lasting memory for the whole school community.
And the response has been overwhelming! The school office is filling up with amazing costumes and the pupils cannot wait to wear them for the Nativity...there is also a full size donkey sitting in one of the classrooms!
The Nativity will provide performances to remember and we would like to thank the whole Poplar Farm family for their support and contributions.