Year 1 - Hawk & Wildcat

Hello Hawks and Wildcats!!!

Are you ready to learn a lot more about yourself?

The first topic of year one will explore the question, ‘What Makes Me Unique?’ We will begin this topic when we start back at school in September. We will be taking a trip to the past to discover what life was like at the time the children were born. The children have already selected a special toy of theirs and shared them with us at their transition meeting. They will be sharing more special memories, photographs and items over the first term.

We will be sharing our own memory boxes with the children,  to prompt discussions about their own happy memories. They will share and write their special memories with us within the first week back at school. As well as this, they will be writing about their family members and other people who are important to them. We will use baby photographs, clothes and toys to discover how humans grow and change over time. This will be our science focus, as we will be naming the parts of the human body and taking part in lots of scientific investigations to discover our different senses.

As parents, we may be asking you to share old childhood toys and clothes, as you might have different childhood memories that you can share with us? We’ll decide how objects and toys from the past were used and how they differ from objects and toys used today. This will help us to discover how childhood memories may differ over time, and what life was like for a child living around 100 years ago. This will be our focus for History lessons.

This topic is very personal to each child and their own memories. We therefore, thought it would be a good idea for children to focus on their own self portrait, but with a difference! They will be learning all about the work of the artist Picasso and explore his artistic techniques. This will allow them to develop their IT skills when using the iPad’s to take photographs of their faces, and develop artistic collage techniques, whilst exploring texture and colour. In Computing, we will also be putting a particular focus on online safety and how children can use devices in a safe and appropriate way.

As we are learning all about the different things that make us unique, we will also be learning about our local area where we live. We will walk around the school grounds and housing estate, and use aerial photographs of the school to discover the features of the local area using human and physical vocabulary.

Help your child prepare for their project:

Looking back on the past can be funny, poignant and interesting! Why not get together as a family and share photos from the past, commenting on wacky clothes and happy holidays. Alternatively, visiting a local museum would allow you to see what life was like in the past. You could also play some traditional games from your childhood. Hopscotch, skipping and conkers are all lots of fun!

Our PE lessons this term will take place on Tuesday and Friday. The children should come to school in their PE kit on these days. We will be developing our movement; improving our control, speed, agility and balance. We will also explore other types of movement such as jumping, hopping and skipping. As well as this, we will begin to develop our understanding of invasion games and ball control.

Our learning in maths will focus on exploring numbers within 10. We will develop our understanding of simple addition by considering the part - part - whole model. We will also practise recalling key facts such as our number bonds to 10. The children can use the Numbots app at home to support with this further.

Reading is at the foundation of our school’s ethos and is celebrated and encouraged across the school day. At the moment, due to the current circumstances, we will be unable to send reading books home. We will ensure children have the opportunity to read their own reading book every single day, in addition to the the Read Write Inc reading lesson that will continue to take place. There will also be a number of opportunities in the day where children hear and discuss stories together as a class. We are particularly excited about ‘Our Favourite Five’ in which children will read and discuss 5 stories in depth throughout the half term so they become fluent in their understanding of those stories.

Reading with your child at home is really important for developing their confidence and love of reading. You can find stories that they are excited about and share them together at bedtime. They could even read a magazine that they are interested in!

We can’t wait to start our learning adventure with you, look out for updates of the children’s learning on our Class Dojo page!

If you have any concerns or worries about your child don’t hesitate to call school to discuss this with us further. 

Thank you,

Mr Murphy & Miss Wilding