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Rights Respecting Rangers 2023 - 2024
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Our Rights Respecting Rangers are run and led by the children, supported by Miss Rimell, and take an active role in making decisions and suggestions to promote the articles and Class Charters on behalf of the children in our school. 
Article 23 - Children with a disability
Article 28 - Right to an education
Our KS2 Rights Respecting Rangers enjoyed their visit to Sandon School. Both schools are UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools.

Our Rangers visited Sandon School to attend their Upper School Assembly and discussed 'Article of the Week'. They also attended their School Council meeting and enjoyed some delicious cupcakes made by the Hospitality pupils. 


Article 3 - Best interests of the child
Our old blue uniform is finally on the way to children in Africa. Some of our Rights Respecting Rangers supervised the loading of the 9 huge boxes. First stop London, then the arrival in Freetown. The uniform has now arrived at a school in Kamawornie, Sierra Leone. Thank you to Develop Africa for delivering our donations.