September 2024 Teacher Information

Teaching structure for September 2024
Head Teacher
Mrs Hodson
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Buckley
Assistant Head Teacher
Miss Mason
Class 0RS - Mrs Rowntree and Mrs Steel
Class 0C - Miss Costall
Year 1
Class 1D - Mrs Dowling
Class 1R - Miss Rastall
Year 2
Class 2A - Mrs Anderson
Class 2MA - Miss Akhrass
Year 3
Class 3A - Miss Ash
Class 3F - Miss Fairbrother (covering the maternity leaves for Mrs Tiller and Miss Wilding)
Year 4
Class 4G - Mr Goodchild
Class 4R - Miss Rogers
Year 5
Class 5S - Mr Saunders
Class 5W - Mr Wowk
Year 6
Class 6B - Mrs Bamford
Class 6J - Miss Jefferis
If you'd like to find more out about the teachers for September 2024, please see the sheets below.